Power Trowel QJM1000 with CE

 Features of Walk-behind Power Trowel FCT-QJM1000 with CE

1. Sophisticated system to protect the operator from an out-of-control spinning handle. When the operator is using a petrol power trowel and let's go of the handle, a gyroscopic safety sensor detects the motion of the handle and stops the engine before the handle reaches a 45-degree rotation 
2. Handle can be adjusted due to the statue of operator, and it offers max. Control and comfort for the operator 
3. Centrifugal type clutch ensure the easy starting 
4. The angle between blade and floor can be adjusted in a wide scope, the slope from 0 degree to 15 
5. Low center of gravity provide workers with safe and stable operation 
6. Alloy blade which have get heat treatment are worn well

Model FCT-QJM1000
Weight                                                kg (lb) 83 (185)
Dimension                                mm (in) L1820(72) X W945(37) X H980(38)
Working diameter        mm (in) 915 (36)
Speed                                                rpm 70-125
Type Honda GX160/Chinese engine 5.5HP/Robin  EY20 5.0HP                                     Robin    EX17
Max. output                              kw (hp) 4.0 (5.5)                                                          4.2 (5.7)
Max. speed                              rpm 3600                                                                      3600
Fuel Tank                                  liter (gal) 3.6(0.95)                                                      3.6 (0.95)

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