Concrete Cutter QQL12/18

Concrete Cutter QQL12,QQL18,QQL30 with CE



Focatt concrete cutter with different blade can use for cutting concrete or asphalt.
1. Large water tank for blade cooling when wet cutting
2. Folded up guide wheel for accurate cutting
3. Easily adjusted guide handle
4. Infinitely variable cutting depth 

Weight                                         kg(lb) 108(238) 118(260)
Dimension                                 mm(in) L1350(53)*W570(22)*H870(34) L1350(53)*W570(22)*H870(34)
Cutting width                              mm 5-8 5-8
Max cutting depth                      mm 120 180
Disk size                                     mm 300-400 300-500
Engine  Air-cooled,4-cycle,Gasoline   Air-cooled,4-cycle,Gasoline 
Type Honda GX270  Robin EX27 Honda GX390  Robin EX41
Max. output                                  kw(hp) 7.0(9.0)       6.6(9.0)      9.6(13) 9.9(13.5)
Max. speed                                 rpm 3600 3600
Fuel Tank                                    liter(gal) 6.0 (1.58)   6.1 (1.59) 6.5(1.59)   7.0(1.82)

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